Carpets of Distinction

_DSC1961 _DSC1965 _DSC1970 _DSC2005 _DSC2009

Carpets of Distinction at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh presented a collection of new works that explored connections between the spheres of art and craft and the mass-produced culture of industrial design. Supported through Creative Scotland’s Quality Arts Production fund, Carpets of Distinction was presented by Panel in partnership with Dovecot Studios and the Stoddard Templeton Archive at Glasgow University and the Glasgow School of Art.

The exhibition created a unique partnership between seven contemporary artists: John Byrne, Ruth Ewan, Nick Evans, Alasdair Gray, Nicolas Party, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan. All worked in collaboration with Dovecot weaver and rug-maker Jonathan Cleaver to create a new collection of limited edition hand-tufted rugs. Representing a broad range of concerns, the artist commissions took inspiration from the history of industrial carpet design through reference to traditional motif and pattern. They explored form, colour and finishing, and in doing so acknowledged the central role of the artist-craftsperson in the process of their making. The work of the artists was framed by a collection of material from the Stoddard Design Library, held in the Glasgow School of Art’s Library.


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