Interwoven Connections

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This major exhibition on Glasgow’s Stoddard/Templeton carpet designers and manufacturers was curated by textiles researcher and academic Dr Helena Britt. It ran in the Mackintosh Museum of the Glasgow School of Art from 9 November 2013 – 11 January 2014. An exhibition catalogue was published to accompany and document the exhibition featuring essays by Helena Britt, Duncan Chappell, Susannah Waters and Jimmy Stephen-Cran.

The Stoddard Templeton companies were Scotland’s most prominent carpet manufacturing innovators. They designed and supplied many iconic carpets, including Glasgow Cathedral, the White House, the Titanic and Queen Mary liners and for events such as the Royal Coronations and Festival of Britain. This exhibition focused on the Stoddard-Templeton Design Library, a unique resource used by designers to inspire and aid the design process, and now held in the special collections of Glasgow School of Art Library. The Library contains a rich array of material amassed from the mid-nineteenth to early twenty-first centuries. Through folios, books, designs, films and samples, the exhibition provided insight into the Design Library’s contents, the Stoddard Templeton design studio, the designers, carpet designing and Design Library utilisation in the creative process.


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