Inventors of Tradition

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The Inventors of Tradition exhibition sought to highlight and document Scotland’s proud tradition in high-quality textile production, through the use of image, film and archival material. Featuring a number of famous Scottish textile manufacturers and designers, such as Pringle and Jean Muir, the show was co-curated by Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan of Panel and Beca Lipscombe and Lucy McKenzie of Atelier. The exhibition also featured a number of new textile pieces designed by Atelier and inspired by materials in the show. A section of the exhibition was devoted to items from GSA Library’s Stoddard Design Library. Beca explains:

“The School of Art now has these books from Templeton’s which show how the designers would have been inspired to create the carpet patterns, and it’s an amazing archive.”

Inventors of Tradition was held in a vacant retail space on Stockwell Street, Glasgow between January and February 2011 and was accompanied by an evening of films from the Scottish Screen Archive held at the Glasgow Film Theatre. It received extensive and positive press coverage including articles in The Herald (31 January 2011) and Homes and Interiors Scotland (April 2011).

An accompanying book published by Walther Konig in Cologne, featuring interviews with Wallace Shaw, John Byrne, Janette Murray and Steven Purvis, and with texts by Nicholas Oddy, Linda Watson, Mairi MacKenzie, Lucy McKenzie and Johnny Murray was published in 2011.


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