Lost Memory


Lost Memory was inspired by the large quantity of memory sticks left behind by students in the GSA Library between 2009 and 2012. It was installed differently in two separate exhibitions: one at Studio 41 in Glasgow showed the memory sticks in a hanging cluster, the other at The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh displayed them in a locked cabinet, like insect specimens.

Theresa Moerman Ib’s work revolves around the unreliability of memory and the tension between holding on and letting go. As human beings, we have a natural inclination to preserve the past. We find containers to hold our keepsakes and heirlooms; we store our knowledge in files, archives and books; we create technology to record more information for the future. But these objects we use to keep information safe are also vulnerable. A memory stick can hold large amounts of data, but it can just as easily be erased or lost. The inaccessibility of the personal information juxtaposed with the desire to know what secrets the memory sticks contain is the main concept of the work.


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