Metaphrog Workshop


In 2011 Scottish-Franco graphic novelists Metaphrog (aka John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs) collaborated with our Librarians to deliver a participatory workshop on making and reading graphic books.

Metaphrog are the authors of the critically acclaimed Louis series which now numbers 4 books. In 2009 they were commissioned by the Association of Scottish Literary Studies to produce a graphic adaptation of Edwin Morgan’s First Men on Mercury for National Poetry Day. This was distributed free to every secondary school pupil in Glasgow. They have a strong commitment to sharing their creative practice and experience with their audiences, and take obvious enjoyment at sharing their knowledge and skills with people.

The workshop sought to engage GSA students with graphic novels as both a form and medium for reading. Key to the session as a whole was the aim of encouraging attendees to interact with the printed page and the book form. The first element provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about the process of researching and making graphic novels from Metaphrog, who provided practical tips on character design and story-telling techniques as well as professional advice and feedback. In the second element, attendees were encouraged to create their own characters and develop a short story for a mini-comic, with mentoring by John and Sandra.

The workshop was funded through the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature fund.

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