Speed of Learning

33-Cedric Tai MFA_Interim061

For his 2012 Master of Fine Art interim show Cedric Tai produced a unique bookwork that was installed on the Library’s shelves. Whenever the book was retrieved and opened, a ticker inside would register the activity, creating a unique archive of the public’s interaction with the piece. Cedric describes the piece as “a book in which the contents comprise of everyone that has ever opened the book, including yourself”:

“In the library on the new arrivals shelf is a non-descript brown book, the label on its spine reads 120 TAI. 120 is the section the library reserves for books that deal with ‘epistemology, causation, humankind’. The work is a comment on the book as artefact. The book has a counter inside that allows users to identify how often the volume has been flipped open, and their own place in that lineage; it carries a similar historical trace to the ‘this book must be returned by’ slip that appears in the front of many library books; it makes comment on the digitisation of libraries and books more generally; it invites readers to reflect on their processes of flicking and reading, and how they identify a book as worth picking up.”
Glyn Davis, former Postgraduate Coordinator, Glasgow School of Art

Watch Speed of Learning here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfZpAm5wIkg

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