Performance Poetry

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The performance poetry showcase ‘The Book is Dead, Long Live The Book!’ took place in our famous Mackintosh Library in April 2014, the culmination of a week’s site-specific residency that focused on the potential of digital and performance poetry to explore relations between architectural space and practice. The residency formed part of a larger research project into the library space by researchers Alan Hooper and Inga Paterson. Each of the five invited collaborators produced original poems or digital projections in response to the space and their interactions with it, and performed these live during two public performances.

Andy Owen Cook is a writer and performer from Sheffield. Recently he released an animated digital poem with The New Fire Tree Press. He has performed and exhibited his work widely at festivals and arts venues including ‘Off the Shelf’, ‘Bang said the Gun’ and ‘Theatre in the Mill’.

David Devanny is a multimedia poet and designer. His work has been published widely in print with ‘Orange Sweatshirt’ shortlisted for The New Media Writing Prize 2013. He is currently researching digital literatures at Falmouth University.

Douglas Duteil is a programmer from Paris. He is a member of the AngularUI team and the Kalamar-e Kidz, and is interested in the use of fun in reader experiences. His most recent Kinect installation ‘Cursed Poems’ was exhibited at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.

David Greaves is a writer from Yorkshire whose work has been published widely in magazines and anthologies. His prose-poetry pamphlet, ‘Hinged’, was released by the New Fire Tree Press in 2011.

Jack McGowan is a UK performance poet who has performed at spoken word events across the country. He is currently researching the role of performance in contemporary UK poetics at the University of Warwick.

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