World Book Night 2014

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This year was the second year the GSA Library took part in World Book Night, a yearly event where institutions and individuals get selected to give away books for free in celebration of the written word and to encourage more people into reading. The library was able to apply as an institution this year and as a result was awarded just over 100 books to give away for free. Linda Drew, Deputy Director of GSA, also got selected as World Book Night book donor and added her books to our pile, making it 126 books to give away in total. Our titles to give away were Gorky Park, Tales of the City, The Boy with the Topknot and The Humans.

With World Book Night (23rd April) taking place so soon after the opening of the Reid building, we decided to capitalise on that fact in order to have the biggest impact on the students and reach out to as many as possible, so we proposed to create a book installation in one of the building’s famous voids. This resulted in a wonderful cross-school team effort with help from the workshop technicians as well as from staff from the estates department and from some wonderful student volunteers, Joanna Faria and Herfa Thompson from the sculpture/environmental art department.

On the day, all the books were hanging in the space just above head height and students and staff were invited to come along and unhook a book to take away home and read. Everyone got very excited at the prospect and all the books were gone by 3pm. We celebrated the end of the event with tea and home-made scones and a good chat about some of our favourite books.

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