Book Week Scotland 2014


Our idea for Book Week Scotland this year was to have a Waterstones-esque ‘recommended’ book shelf using the ‘new arrivals’ shelf in the Library foyer.

Library staff each chose a book from our collection, and came up with a hand-written blurb as to why they liked it so much (this added a pleasant ‘human-touch’, as compared to the icy, shudder-inducing printed message of the Computer).

Along with our recommended books, there were also free Book Week Scotland books for students to take – which were all gone in short time.

Indeed, some students were so enthusiastic, that one recommended book was even taken before the shelf had been completed…!

By the end of the week, there were only a couple remaining (understandably, a book on the ‘Wooden Bridges of Switzerland’, with a tantalising, flatly-composed photo of a brown plank as its cover, was left on the shelf).

The students were plainly interested in the books, though, and it was nice to see their engagement with the content of the library.

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