Tove Jansson Centenary


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Finnish illustrator, painter and writer Tove Jansson (creator of the Moomins), we decided to have a screening in the library of Eleanor Yule’s documentary Moominland Tales: the life of Tove Jansson. Eleanor also very kindly agreed to come and give a talk before the showing – describing the making of the film, the meaning of biography and the effect that immersing yourself in someone’s life-history can have.


Despite the apocalyptic weather, and the fact that essays were due in the next day, a surprising number of people turned up to the event and the film was received with enthusiasm.


If you would like to see the film, we have a copy in the GSA Library DVD Section, under ‘Art-JANS’. The Library also has all of Tove’s non-Moomin novels, as well as the actual Moomin novels and comic strips! – perhaps some midwinter Moomin madness for the Christmas break…



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