Last year the library decided to start a new collection: fanzines. Thanks to generous offers from different people and institutions, our collection is beginning to take shape. As a ‘thank you’ to those contributors and a promotion for the new collection, we have put on a new display of zines as you come into the library!

‘A fanzine (or zine for short) is typically a self-published, small circulation paper-based work of original or appropriated text and images, usually reproduced via a photocopier. Print runs are often 1,000 or fewer (though typically most run to 100 or less), and profit is not the primary intent of publication. Though zines first began with 1930s science fiction fans publishing their own stories and criticism, most zines are now informed by the DIY ethics of the punk movement – i.e do it yourself (make it, print it) and don’t have other people or institutions do it for you or inform your creative practice. In this sense, everything is done by the creator and for the creation itself (not for potential monetary profit).

Zines are written in a variety of formats and topics covered are broad, including music, fanfiction, politics, poetry, art and design, ephemera, personal journals, social theory, feminism, single-topic obsession, in essence, anything the creator wants.

Zines are almost never copy-writed, and there is a strong belief among many zine creators that potential costs should only cover production or else be free entirely, following on from its punk-anarcho roots of anti-profit and anti-capitalism.’

If you would like to contribute to the collection, please contact Benjamin ( or leave your fanzine with the front desk.

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