Pop-Up Again

There are some new books in the pop-up display on the second floor of the library!

colours pop up book
‘Colours’ by Aino-Maija Metsola

Included are abstract, colourful works by David A. Carter and Claire Zuchelli-Romer, which use just colour and shape to tell beautiful stories. The display now also features two books by Marion Bataille, ABC3D and 10, which have letters and numbers that mutate as the page turns.

ABC3D by Marion Bataille
ABC3D by Marion Bataille

As well as some more children’s stories, there are also some informative books about the weather and the Large Hadron Collider with explosive and surprisingly sturdy 3D diagrams of storms and science experiments.

madame sonia delaunay pop up
‘Madame Sonia Delaunay’ by Gérard Lo Monaco

There’s also a book of pop-up images of Sonia Delaunay’s designs created by Gérard Lo Monaco for a retrospective of her work at Tate Modern in London and a pop-up book of MC Escher images, which will be worth a look if you have visited The Amazing World of MC Escher at the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh, which is open until September 27th 2015.

mc escher pop up book
The pop-up book of M C Escher


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