Yuki Nagatomo


by Yuki Nagatomo

This week we thought we would ask Yuki Nagatomo, a student who frequently views titles from our Special Collections, to share one title which has influenced her work, which features beautiful paintings, drawings and silkscreens of plants and flowers.

by Yuki Nagatomo

Yuki chose an item from our Special Collections called Thirty-eight plates, with explanations, intended to illustrate Linnaeus’s System of Vegetables, and particularly adapted to the Letters on the Elements of Botany. 

Thirty-eight plates […] was tailored to illustrate Linnaeus’s System of Vegetables, and adapted to suit Jean-Jacques Rosseau’s Letters on the Elements of Botany. It was compiled by Thomas Martyn, who was the Regius Professor of Botany at University of Cambridge, and drawn and engraved by F. P. Nodder. It includes illustrations of plants such as tobacco, periwinkle, iris and sage.

from Thirty-eight plates […] 
Yuki writes that the title influenced her because “it’s very beautiful. Many mysterious flowers are depicted with beautiful color. And each page has lovely typography. I was inspired by the color, pattern and composition. These factors are my essential design resources.” Like us, she thinks “this book is definitely a treasure of GSA Library.

from Thirty-eight plates […]
Yuki Nagatomo is a Masters student studying Communication Design. If you’d like to see more of Yuki Nagatomo’s beautiful work, you can view her portfolio here.

Universe materializing itself after the big bang by Yuki Nagatomo



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