Concrete Poetry

There’s a new display of books featuring concrete poetry from our Artists’ Books Collection on the second floor of the library.

roni horn
Agua viva: seventeen paradoxes by Roni Horn

Concrete poetry is a genre of poetry where the layout of the text creates a visual image which can often be more important than the meaning of the text itself. In this way, concrete poetry can be considered part of the visual arts.


What’s my name? by Karl Holmqvist

GSA Library has lots of concrete poetry in the Artists’ Books collection, featuring work by artists including Ian Hamilton Finlay, Edwin Morgan, Karl Holmqvist, and Simon Cutts. You can find work by Roni Horn, Karl Holmqvist, Kasper Andraesen, Simon Cutts and Brian Catling amongst others in the display.

concrete poem
Moment’s notice by Kasper Andraesen

You can find more examples of concrete poetry in our catalogue, and you might also enjoy our previous C’est Mon Dada post.

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