National Libraries Day 2016

To celebrate National Libraries Day, on Saturday 6 February, we’ve put up a new display in the foyer of the Library!

The new display features novels written and designed by artists, from our Artists’ Books Collection. Several titles are from a series published by Four Corners Books called Familiars, which sees famous novels re-designed by artists.

vanity fair
Vanity fair by William Makepeace Thackeray and Donald Urquhart

Titles on display from the Familiars series include Vanity fair, The picture of Dorian Gray, Nau sea sea sick, and Dracula.

The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and Gareth Jones

We’ve also included two books written by artists. The unfortunates is a book by B. S. Johnson, first published in 1969. It is an experimental novel, composed of separately sectioned chapters, which can be arranged in any order, excluding the first and last. We have also put Memoirs of my writer’s block by Jake Chapman, a novel about writing and ghost writers.

You can view some photographs of the titles we’ve put on display at GSA Library’s Pinterest account


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