Dawn Worsley 1

This week, we were lucky enough to have writer and PhD student Dawn Worsley visit the Library’s bookstore to do some on-site writing.


The correlation between space, sensory movement and cognition forms the inspiration for Dawn’s practice-led research project; developing a new form of creative art writing that gives a voice to the multiple experiential positions of site-specific immersive art.

Without futher ado, here is Dawn’s poem, ‘The Bookstore’.

Walls and ceiling of muffling concrete

Hint at the readers inside, but outside

The Bookstore.

The strip-light purrs in a dozy sleep

And the space stretches out its creaks.

Tall, thin ladies aged to elegance,

Skins tanned to Assam and Earl Grey,

Softened to pancake velvet.

Portly chaps, slouching slack-spined

Tailored in North Sea blues and

Cloister-garden greens.

At the west end of the Bookstore, beyond the leather and cloth-bound journals, just behind the year-books, along past the diplomas and dissertations, bathed in a halo of industrial light, stands a lonely metal bookcase, 5 thesis H x 40 thesis W x 1 thesis D;

A synod of priests,

Smart as pins in paper.

A conference of kings,



The bright, white light buzzes wasp-angry.

The party’s four strides away. The artist books don’t have a dress code. Idiosyncratic dandies inviting touch with leather-thick and vellum-thin papers. Text that read left to right and right to left, up, down, back-to-front. Letterpressed. Rubberstamped. Others are wordless.

Dawn Worsley

PhD Fine Art

To find out more about Dawn’s work, you can view here website here.

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