Writer-in-residence Jen Hadfield has installed a post-a-poem box inside of GSA Library!

Post a poem

Here’s Jen’s call for submissions:

All staff and students are invited to write a list poem on the slips provided. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SLIP. When your poem’s done, pop it in the Post-A-Poem!



Make a poem

that’s a list/ a list

that’s a poem


Remember something/

resolve to do something/

work something out/



A rallying cry/

an activist list


An impossible list/

a necessary list/ a bucket list/

a shopping list


A list of wrongs/ a list

of good news for once/a

list of treasured anything


List that takes us

somewhere/ like

one foot after the



List/ dream/

A loving list


A litany

of infinite




Selected poems may be published in collaboration with students at GSA. You retain copyright of your text, of course!


The project will only last a month or so, depending on response, so get writing now.

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