Gino Ballantyne 4


You may already have noticed the ten or so sculptures and ink drawings scattered around the library which comprise Gino Ballantynes ‘Resonance’. These works are a visual interpretation of organic and inorganic sound, which are inspired by the buildings and collections of GSA, its library and archives.



These works were created following a 12 week period where Gino became completely deaf in one ear. He found himself far more sensitive to a different range of sounds, and to the brightness of colours. It is this altered perception that he chose to represent through ‘Resonance’, which relates particularly to the sensory experience he had while visiting GSA.

A particular gem among this collection is an Artist Book, hand-bound by Gino himself. The book contains 45 drawings in Indian ink, divided into sections by the different spaces that they represent.



The Artist Book is displayed by our front-desk and we encourage you to sit down and look through all 45 of Gino’s drawings! You can find the sculptures from ‘Resonance’ on all three floors of GSA library.


If you want to find out more about Gino’s work as a sculptor and painter you can visit his website here

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