Collaborations with Widening Participation

GSA Archives and Collections have enjoyed several creative collaborations with Widening Participation over the past few years and hope to have many more in the future! Here are a few of the highlights…

Widening Participation invites school pupils living in priority postcode areas across Scotland to take part in creative activities that can help to inform their future. In one particular “taster session” in April 2017, S4 pupils used a photograph of the Mackintosh Building from GSA Archives to produce this huge 7 by 26 foot charcoal drawing! Each pupil worked on a different section of the photograph on a sheet of A1 paper, and putting all 40 together created a really impactful drawing – amazing teamwork!



The Archives and Collections were also delighted to be involved in a sketchbook project for S6 Widening Participation students later in 2017 which aimed to introduce the students to the archives as a source of inspiration for creative practice. Each participant chose an area of interest and we selected material to show them which related to these areas from our collections. A particular favorite was these illustrations for “Salome” by Dorothy Carleton Smyth, selected by a student interested in costume design.


Most recently, a group of Widening Participation students called The Young Regenerators collaborated on an exhibition called “We Will Speak. You Will Listen” in October 2018. This began with a new work for Glasgow International 2018 commissioned by Glasgow International Year of Young People 2018. It was a site specific project by artist Mick Peter, which was supported at Dalmarnock Gas Purifier Shed by Clyde Gateway and involved The Young Regenerators.


The school pupils involved in this project were led by a core group of current GSA students, including; Luke Andrew, Caitlin Callaghan, Tegan Duffy, Shannon Flockhart, Kirsten McNairn, Fraser Whiting and Thomas Whiting. In addition, they were supported in the making of their part of the work by artists Sally HackettGudrun Soley SigurdardottirCatriona Reid and Mick Peter.

The Young Regenerators exhibition was an opportunity for the pupils to exhibit their work for this project on their own with the idea that they can already be established artists in their own right. With this in mind, the group also created their own artists manifesto which they were distributing at the exhibition.


GSA Archives and Collections were invited to the exhibition opening night for the first peek. Part of the evening included an artist’s talk and group discussion lead by the GSA students involved in the project. Some of the work produced for this project has now been accessioned into our collection, and is available for consultation by emailing



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