Throwback Thursday: Joseph Sharples Mackintosh Architecture Research

GSA Archives and Collections look back on an interview with Mackintosh Curator Joseph Sharples on some research that he did from our Mackintosh Architecture records several years ago.

East-west elevation of the Mackintosh Building, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1897 (MC/G/88)

Why did you use GSA Archives & Collections?

The GSA Archives & Collections are one of the richest sources of information about Mackintosh’s career as an architect. They contain original drawings and documents not available anywhere else, and they have naturally been a major resource for the University of Glasgow’s research project, Mackintosh Architecture: Context, Making & Meaning.

Had you used archives or museum collections previously in your work?

Yes, archives and museum collections have been central to my work as an architectural historian for many years.

What was your experience of visiting the Archives & Collections Centre?

The Archives & Collections Centre is welcoming and efficient and well-equipped for study. The staff are very helpful and know the collections extremely well, and they are generous with their expertise in guiding researchers towards relevant material.

What did you find out from our holdings?

A vast amount! In particular, a wealth of background detail about the design and construction of the Glasgow School of Art, and about Mackintosh’s dealings with the various committees and individuals involved in building it.

Has your visit led you to using other Archive / Museum sources?

Probably none that we wouldn’t have used anyway: from the outset, Mackintosh Architecture: Context, Making & Meaning has used a very wide range of local and national archive and museum sources.

Find out more about The Hunterian’s Mackintosh Architecture research on the project website

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