Throwback Thursday: Phil Palmer investigates Maurice Greiffenhagen

Phil Palmer is an independent researcher who visited GSA Archives and Collections a number of years ago to do some research on Maurice Greiffenhagen. Read how he got on below…

Nude with a wrap, 1924 (NMC/0011) This item was lost in the Mackintosh Fire on the 23rd May 2014, however a digital version can be downloaded from our online catalogue here.

Why did you use GSA Archives & Collections?

Glasgow School of Art holds a substantial collection of work and information relating to Maurice Greiffenhagen, the subject of my study.

Had you used archives or museum collections previously in your work?

I had used other archives and collections prior to my visits to the GSA. Most notably Sheffield archive, Alnwick archive, Edinburgh archive, Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, Glasgow University Archive Services, Paisley storage, Tate storage, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Royal Academy archive.

What was your experience of visiting the Archives & Collections Centre?

The staff at the Glasgow School of Art presented a perfect balance between professionalism and approachableness. At my most recent visit I spent much of the day there and it was necessary for the staff to retrieve a number of boxes and pictures from storage. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

What did you find out from our holdings?

I was able to have first hand contact with documents that I had only read brief descriptions of, which was both thrilling and informative. Also the staff were able to point me in the direction of items that I had not been aware of within their collection, and so I was able to enrich my understanding of my subject of study above and beyond that which I had been expecting from the visit.

Has your visit led you to using other Archive / Museum sources?

The depth of information that I was able to take away from my visit was such that at present I have only been able to digest a portion of it, however I am hoping that as I progress I will find new ‘leads’ which will further enhance my study of Maurice Greiffenhagen.

Images of our oil paintings can be found on the Art UK website.

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