First Year Experience: 007 Re-Imagined!

This first year Communication Design student shares how she used GSA Archives as inspiration for re-creating experiences in her Papa’s life into the life of James Bond! To see more of what our first year students got up to as part of their “Being Human” project, see a short video by Martin Clark here.

We went to the GSA Archives and I got to have a look at the Fraser Taylor sketchbooks which were absolutely gorgeous. They were textile sketchbooks and I got loads of inspiration from them about how to create work that’s quite abstract and more about mark making and things as well. We were also looking at letters as well so it was nice looking at loads of different things in the archive to get inspiration from how they’re laid out and also how some things were taken out, for example with a blanket to make sure that they were safe.  

Communication Design Students engaging with a variety of Archives and Collections material

I didn’t end up using that as my source of inspiration, but I ended up looking at my Papa’s archive and creating a whole project on that. My papa survived an avalanche and we have a spoon in the kitchen that has a special meaning behind it. So I created this whole project about how he’s almost the real life James Bond.  

I created a series of lots of different things so a magazine, a passport and a book. I made this in a 3D forest box as well. I used more the archives, because I had eight different objects and they were all different sizes, I think I took that inspiration from the archives because everything’s so different, nothing’s similar. So that’s where I got my inspiration from. I had a selection of final pieces at the end relating to my Papa’s personal papers that looked a bit like an archive. The passport was my grans so I changed it so that the occupation read “MI6 Agent” and then he also was doing national service in Germany and again I made this MI6 related. And I took a James Bond book and just changed the cover. There’s a wee tin with playing cards inside and I made this his James Bond secret weapon!  

Images courtesy of Stephen Keane – many thanks Stephen!

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