Introducing The Hatchery

Discover how artists, writers and creatives have used the collections of Glasgow School of Art Library to inspire, challenge or expand their practice. From interventions into our spaces, to installations amongst our shelves, our collections can be used to explore and challenge artistic, cultural and philosophical themes and preoccupations.

Our library collections provide countless avenues for discourse and collaborative practice. Practitioners have used our materials to debate issues, contest ethics, and extend horizons through the sharing of experience and the communication of ideas…

Artists, curators and gallerists have used items from our amazing collections to provide context and depth to their exhibitions and displays…

Many contemporary artists and practitioners are intrigued by the ethical, historical and philosophical questions raised by archive and library spaces. We actively encourage Glasgow School of Art students to explore these issues through explorations of, and interventions in, our spaces…

Our collections, and the objects within them, provide fantastic springboards into new uncharted areas. Many practitioners over the years have taken our objects, collections and spaces and re-imagined them in innovative ways, sometimes creating completely novel worlds from a single object…

Learn more about the project at Library as Incubator.



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